Welcome Free Agents!

If you're like me and still work for the establishment while you dream of being a Free Agent, you may have a lot of meetings. Agenda Minder helps you prepare for your meetings so that you can spend your time being productive and get you back to working on your side project. Agenda Minder is a personal tool you can use to be more productive in meetings. 

v 1.40 brings calendar import. It is even easier to get meetings into Agenda Minder

As seen on macstories.net:  

"What I like most about Agenda Minder is that it tackles a hard problem with a clarity of focus on agenda items, making it easy to input items, assign responsibility for those items, and share them." - John Vorhees  - macstories.net

A meeting is only as good as the agenda 

  • Quickly capture what you need to prepare  for your meetings
  • Personal Tool to make you more prepared for your meetings.
  • Stays out of your way with simple controls.