Welcome Analogue Listeners!!!

 Welcome 🇬🇧 - Thanks your interest in Agenda Minder! 

I'm very happy to support Analog and it's hosts Myke and Casey. 

v 1.40 brings calendar import. It is even easier to get meetings into Agenda Minder launching

Since you're here, you should check out Agenda Minder -  As seen on macstories.net:  

"What I like most about Agenda Minder is that it tackles a hard problem with a clarity of focus on agenda items, making it easy to input items, assign responsibility for those items, and share them." - John Vorhees  - macstories.net

Agenda Minder helps you be more productive:

  • Quickly capture topics for your meetings in one place so you'll always be prepared for those tricky questions
  • Easily send agenda items to everyone involved in your upcoming meeting
  • Be confident you can have a great meeting because you are prepared. 
  • Supports emoji - like pretty much every text app on the Mac but hey - Casey Liss!

True story here - I had issues getting Gifwrapped attached to twitter so I posted to the support forum something along the lines of I'm pretty sure I have Gif's in my twitter because I follow Casey Liss. Jelly helped me out and then Casey Liss showed up after a self admitted vanity search to comment on the mention in a support thread. 👍 Let's see if Casey finds this one!