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I'm a long time fan of David and so happy to support a stalwart in the Mac community. David was a big influence in how I approached productivity when I first found his paperless system and learned about all the wonderful tools he used. I created Agenda Minder to fill a need I had to become more productive in meeting preparation. If you've been following MPU and want to have a dedicated tool to make you more productive and organized in your meetings, take a look at Agenda Minder!!!  - Thanks for clicking - Chris Morrissey

v 1.50 is just around the corner and MacSparky Newsletter Readers can try Agenda Minder version 1.50 for free for 20 days.

Version 1.50 adds search, tags, and the ability to duplicate meetings to a calendar imports added in version 1.40


As seen on macstories.net:  

"What I like most about Agenda Minder is that it tackles a hard problem with a clarity of focus on agenda items, making it easy to input items, assign responsibility for those items, and share them." - John Vorhees  - macstories.net

A meeting is only as good as the agenda 

  • Be a meeting productivity Jedi when you cover all your topics at your meetings with your boss or team
  • Simple controls - Agenda Minder stays out of your way with simple controls to capture the things you need.
  • Agenda Minder is a personal productivity tool that you can use without needing anyone else to adopt.