Welcome Brett Terpstra.com Readers

I'm happy to sponsor Brett's Lab! From text editors and markdown tools, he makes some seriously nerdy and useful software. Brett's focus on productivity tools and been a great help to me and part of my inspiration for writing my own productivity software, Agenda Minder.  I ran into a productivity issue with meetings and I couldn't find a suitable script or program. Since then, I've been steadily developing Agenda Minder.  If you've appreciate productivity tools and want to have a dedicated tool to make you more productive and organized in your meetings, take a look at Agenda Minder with a Free Trial today!!!   Thanks for clicking - Chris Morrissey

A meeting is only as good as the Agenda. Be confident you can have a great meeting because you are prepared.

Agenda Minder 1.50 adds search, tags, and the ability to duplicate meetings on top of calendar imports added in 1.40

Requires 10.11 or higher