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I'm a long time fan of David and so happy to support a stalwart in the Mac community. David was a big influence in how I approached productivity when I first found his paperless system and learned about all the wonderful tools he used. I created Agenda Minder to fill a need I had to become more productive in meeting preparation. Agenda Minder allows you to focus on meeting preparation. If you've been following MPU and want to have a dedicated tool to make you more productive and organized in your meetings, take a look at Agenda Minder!!! On sale for the rest of the year!!!! - Thanks for clicking - Chris Morrissey

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What I like most about Agenda Minder is that it tackles a hard problem with a clarity of focus on agenda items, making it easy to input items, assign responsibility for those items, and share them. - John Voorhees -

A Meeting is Only as Good as the Agenda

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